The Future of Design for Additive Manufacturing.

Rapidly create AM-appropriate geometry with our design accelerators and generative design features. Define or change the layout of a concept in real-time using our click-and-drag 3D editing tools. Use our proprietary manufacturing checks and compensation tools to truly exploit the benefits of AM and reduce the risk of costly failures.

Rapid Generation of 3D Geometry.

Click-and-drag flowpath editing

Effortlessly create 3D spline geometry using our click-and-drag interface to rapidly generate new concepts that are optimised for additive manufacturing.

Blended cross sections

Automatically and seamlessly loft between different cross-sections to help you exploit the benefits of AM and optimise your components.

Conformal geometry

Automatically create conformal geometry over complex surfaces to increase packing efficiency and minimise material usage.

Realtime visual feedback

Create and dynamically edit patterned objects to to create multiple spline objects whilst receiving real-time feedback on your design.

Critically Evaluate Multiple Concepts.

Design Metrics

Evaluate multiple concepts against pre-defined or custom design criteria to get quantitative feedback.

Compare Designs

Quickly view multiple design iterations to compare different concepts against your functional requirements and identify a preferred solution.

Version Control

Take snapshots at various stages throughout the design process and then rewind and edit your preferred configurations.