Introduction to Design for Additive Manufacturing

Course Overview.

Everything you need to get started with designing engineering components for additive manufacturing

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Topics Covered.


Designing for the Process

Understanding the strengths and limitations of various AM processes and how to match the process to the desired application.


Design to Minimise Material Usage

Learn about design techniques to create lightweight parts such as topology optimisation, lattice generation and efficient use of support structure.


Design for Improved Functionality

Make the most of the increased design freedom of additive manufacturing by overcoming the limitations of traditional manufacturing processes.


Design to Reduce Part Count

Reduce assembly times and inventory by consolidating complex systems into single parts.

Reasons to Register.


Interactive Tutorials

Online course content will be linked to guided tutorials in Gen3D’s software. We will guide you through the design process in a practical and easy to follow way. Practice what we teach.


Design Expertise

At Gen3D, we have academic and industrial experts with years of research in additive manufacturing. We will distil this broad range of knowledge into a focused course covering what we have found to be most important to us over the years.

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